The Bliss Map is an inspiring, global community where you’ll learn how to create an absolutely Bliss-filled life, where Freedom flows and Joy is the new norm.

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Let me guide you toward a life of Calm, Ease and Joy, with this easy-to-implement way of being.

The Bliss Map is a One-of-a-Kind Membership

I know you’re busy. Tired. Looking for more out of life, without all the trite, fluffy mantras and rituals. And I also know you want depth, you’re tired of shallow spirituality and coachy-types who miss the deeper view. I know you want real change.

The Bliss Map is about Depth with Ease — True Transportation to Joy and the Freedom to be who You are.

With the Bliss Map, you’ll learn:

  • How to create balance—spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically and put boundaries in place so you can focus on what matters most
  • How to create space—for more prosperity, more fulfilling friendships, and more meaningful work to enter
  • How to trust yourself again—by developing a strong intuition so that you can serve the world in the way that only you can
  • How to discover your long-forgotten Superpowers—by connecting with Higher Parts of yourself you may not have even realized existed

What’s included in the Membership

The Bliss Map is comprised of learning, material and practices that will guide you through 4-Stages towards more Ease, Confidence and Joy. Each month’s content focuses on one subject and includes:

A Video Lesson with Easy Worksheets

Video lessons provide a fast and easy way of teaching material. The easy worksheets seal the learning in your mind. We’ll also provide audio downloads and written transcripts for all learning styles.

A Guided Meditation or Self-Hypnosis Audio

I’ll provide a new audio each month to help ensure your Unconscious Mind is on board with all the positive changes you’ll be making! And you can download them to your device to listen wherever you are.

A Monthly Affirmation + Downloadable Art

I’m an artist, and I love to paint, so each month, I’ll provide you with a lovely Affirmation reflecting the month’s focus, that you can download, print, or use as cover art on your phone. These act as reminders to stick with your practice.

A Live Q & A with Me!

I know you have questions. And I want to answer them! Each month, we’ll hop on a live group call so I can answer your most pressing questions and life challenges.

Access to a Kick-Ass Community Who Get It

Since the beginning of time, women have gathered together for support, and today we need it more than ever. You’ll have access to a private community of Bliss Map members who are here to support, commiserate, and offer encouragement.

Weekly Emails

At the beginning of each week, you’ll get an email from me to support, inspire and encourage you in your practice. I’ll make sure you don’t miss a beat and that you’re on board with the material.

I’ve designed the Bliss Map to reduce overwhelm (I know you’re busy!), to keep deep and profound subject matter simplified and easy-to-digest, and to get you results fast (life is short, let’s get to the good stuff already!).

My goal is to blow your Heart and Mind wide open with simple practices, Joy-filled connections and the Realization of the real You.

About the Founder

Hello there, I’m Colleen Henney. My personal mission is to curate a safe, inclusive and Empowered community, create content that opens minds and host an environment where real growth happens and Miracles abound.

The Bliss Map Program was designed to help you take your life back. My goal is for you to learn how to harness your own source of Personal Power so that you feel Lighter, more Free and less entangled in the limitations you’ve put on yourself.

I want you to fall in love with yourself again, so that you can more fully serve those around you.

The ripple effect from one Empowered person travels far and has a profound impact on all of humanity.

Let’s do this!